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Domo Services From Eyecademy

As Accredited Professional Services Partners we offer the full range of Domo Services. These range from a Demo to a full implementation. Get in touch with Eyecademy today for all your Domo Services needs.

Let us help you Build A Data Driven Organisation

Build a Single Source Of The Truth

Connect data from any source, in record time.

  • Dynamically integrate from thousands of sources to bring all your data together into one unified view.

Streamline data governance.

  • Integrate data without moving it anywhere and manage and govern its access with an unmatched level of automation.

Transform Your Data

Automate data pipelines.

  • Minimize time spent on labor-intensive BI tasks and spend more time using data to drive decisions.

 Analyze and visualize.

  • Turn data into live visualizations with real-time metrics, instantly available on any device, to make decisions.

Empower Your Lines Of Business

Move from reactive reporting to proactive insights.

  • Act faster on emerging business developments by automating alerts that signal the need for action.

Collaborate inside and outside of your business.

  • Break down data silos and share insights across your organization as well as with partners and customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Domo?

Domo is a Cloud based system that provides a Data Integration capability (Data Integrations As A Service) with BI & Analytics. It also provides the ability to build custom web apps that integrate with Domo and the ability to create embedded & extended analytics for your customers.

Can I pick and choose which elements to use?

Yes, Domo calls this approach ‘The Business Cloud’. If you just need a data integration platform, want to build a Data Warehouse in record time or want to visualise the data from an existing cloud or local Data Warehouse then you can choose which elements are right for you. 

What is so special about the Data Integration Service?
  • You can, connect to any source to surface data available that wasn’t previously accessible through the Domo connector library which has hundreds of connectors.
  • Domo comes with powerful web based ETL tools that ingest data from cloud or local data sources in seconds. Live query your data warehouse or store data in Domo with sub-second queries.
  • Domos Data Integration platform will allow you to orchestrate data pipelines between Domo and other systems to drive automation. 
How about the BI and Analytics?

Domo’s BI and Analytics layer turns data into live visualisations and real-time metrics, instantly available on any device to power decision-making at every level across the organization. The BI and Analytics are so easy to use that self-serve is finally here. In addition the data governance functionality controls who sees what. 

What Domo Services do you offer?

As an accredited Professional Domo Services Partner we offer the full end to end lifecycle. For example, you can subscribe to Domo through us, we will help you choose the best combination of Domo Services that fit your specific needs and organise the license. We offer Domo Services for implementation and support. 

OK, so what is 'Extended Analytics'?

Here’s one of the many really great things about domo. You can create dashboards with responsive design and custom interactions—no coding required—then make them available with Domo’s data management, security, and governance. Why not use Domo to create a data solution for your clients that you can monetise – your services paying for Domos services. 

How much does Domo cost?

We know its frustrating to hear this but it depends on what you want it to do. Pricing is based on several components related to your usage of the platform, including data storage, data refresh rates, volume of data queries, and the number of users. As a Partner, Eyecademy offer packages with specific features to meet your needs in different stages of your digital transformation. Why not get in touch with us at , phone 0141 354 7601 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you. 

Is their a trial version available?

Yes, you can create a free Domo account and give Domo a test drive here.

Is Domo a suitable Data Storage Platform?

Lets face it, there are lots of cost effective Data Storage solutions out there for archive or historical data. Think of Domo as being for your ‘live’ or effective data. Solutions like Google cloud can be very expensive to query if thats what you are running your analytics against. Why not use Domo to ingest the data you need into the built-in Domo Data Warehouse and then query as much as you like for no extra cost. 

Does Domo have Data Alerts?

Yes, you can build alerts around thresholds of all kinds and have those alerts pushed out to your users in any way you want – mail, SMS, telephone. 

Does Domo have write back capability?

Yes, the ETL tools in Domo include transforms to allow you to update your data directly from Domo based on whatever logic you have designed.

Does Domo do Data Science?

Of course, there is a whole Data Science modular element that contains pre-built Statistical calculations or allows you to run Python or ‘R’ scripts against your data.

What They’re Saying

Eyecademy Customer Testimonials

“This was a challenging project with tight deadlines and the consultants attention to detail ensured we got off to a great start in understanding  what we needed to deliver.”

Clydesdale Bank

“I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the support  that Eyecademy have provided. The level of professionalism from your consulting team has been superb.”


“Through emails, conversations, video calls, it didn’t feel like we were taking to a supplier/vendor. We were made to feel that we were one large team, tackling a specific work-stream together.”


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